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Camping Ripari Di Giobbe ***

Bewertung: 1.4 (2)
Platzierung: Nr. 16 von 48 in Abruzzen

Adresse: C.da Ripari di Giobbe snc
66026 Ortona (Abruzzen)

Gebiet: Adria
Lage: Meer, Verkehrsgünstig (Autobahn, Bundesstraße)

Tel: +39 085 9067098
Fax: +39 085 9067098

Internet: E-mail

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Bewertung von Camping Ripari Di Giobbe

Durchschnittliche Gesamt-Bewertung 1.4
Umgebung 2.5 Anlage 1.0 Unterkunft 2.0
Freizeit 1.0 Service 1.0 Sanitäranlagen 1.0
2 Bewertungen

mai piu ripari di giobbe

Bewertung von aldo aus Lombardei / Italien, August 2011
Sprache der Bewertung:
Reisezeit: August 2011
Alter: 50-59 Jahre
Aufenthaltsdauer: 4-7 Tage
Wo übernachtet?: Sonstige Unterkunft
Gebucht bei: Sonstiger Anbieter

I wanted to make a note on camping the shelters of giobbe, had reserved a bungalow in masonry in the camping from the 30 July to 14 August for 3 persons and a dog, I had seen on the site the bungalow and me they seemed much beautiful, I reserve I give a deposit of the 30 for hundreds on totale.parto from praises the 30, loaded machine, arrival in the camping and the surprise has been that the owner us door in a bungalow, second he supplied of all the comforts, obscene second we, to see in order to believe with the roof in eternit (asbestos), to my rimostranze he has answered that if I wanted to change place c' it was another bungalow but cost nearly the double quantity, purtoppo I came from praises and I was in Abruzzi with la' loaded car with a child and a small dog, but where I would have found an other place il30 of July? I HAVE HAD TO ACCEPT UNWILLINGLY BUT FOR 1 WEEK, GOODBYE FERIE OF 1 ANNO.ho ONLY tried to ask a reduction in price but it has said to me that the responsible was alone (not true what) and that on Internet where I had reserved the tipologia of bungalow, that type was not in only designed photo but, therefore for he I had mistaken myself (for me I was deceptive publicity) completely I am disappointed and andro more in that place even if I am not beautiful, at the end I have cleaned up it the bungalow to mirror but it has expected equally the 30 euros of the final cleansing, but that Bravo. p.s the indications of the activities in the camping were wanted had to ask, did not exist a blackboard where to write events, manifestations and l' animation was not all' height, to try in order to believe, etc
Gesamt 1.2

Umgebung: 2.0
Anlage 1.0
Unterkunft 1.0
Freizeit 1.0
Service 1.0
Sanitäranlagen 1.0

erholsamen Urlaub

Bewertung von Kunde/-in aus Emilia-Romagna / Italien, Juni 2009
Sprache der Bewertung:
Wertung bezieht sich auf das Jahr: 2008

Platz für diejenigen, die Ruhe lieben, Meer-reich pesci.panorama ausgezeichnete Küche und atemberaubend! einzigen pecca Marchet fast nicht vorhanden, um die Ausgaben zu erhalten, die Hälfte auf Gehe zu Ortona.
Gesamt 1.7

Umgebung: 3.0
Anlage 1.0
Unterkunft 3.0
Freizeit 1.0
Service 1.0
Sanitäranlagen 1.0

Besonders empfehlenswert für "Familien"

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Letzte Aktualisierung von Camping Ripari Di Giobbe: März 2012

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